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AeroQuad 32 Flight Control Board Version 2
AeroQuad 32 Flight Control Board (Version 2)
Price $149.95

Please note that this board has components that are no End of Life (EOL) and we will no longer be carrying this board. Please consider using the AeroQuad v2.2 Kit based on the solid Arduino Mega for your multicopter needs.

The AeroQuad 32 is powered by a 168MHz 32 bit ARM processor, to give you fast and solid flight performance! This flight board has been upgraded to use the new HMC5983-TR for locked in heading hold and uses the trusted MPU6000 in SPI mode for ultra fast senor sampling for rock solid stability. It has been redesigned for ease of connection with your multicopter frame, yet exposes all the pins of the initial version for your own customization as desired! This is a pre-soldered board, there is no need for further assembly and it will come pre-loaded with flight software for a Quad X configuration.
AeroQuad Shield v2.2 Kit
AeroQuad v2.2 Kit
Price $199.95

This is a complete kit to build an AeroQuad flight control board. It allows you to easily connect the Sparkfun 9DOF sensor (which includes the ITG 3200 triple axis gyro, the ADXL 345 triple axis accelerometer and the HMC 5883L triple axis magnetometer) to an Arduino Mega to create a 6 degree of freedom inertial measurement unit (IMU). Additionally the BMP 085 barometer is supported for altitude hold. These are proven sensors for rock solid quadcopter flight!