Open Source Quadcopters

This site is dedicated to the design and construction of the AeroQuad, a remote controlled four rotor helicopter, also known as a quadcopter. The parts list, frame construction and instructions on building the flight board are available at The AeroQuad is a quadcopter design that uses the Arduino Uno or Mega 2560 microcontroller as the flight control board with plug-in sensors to provide a low cost design that is more accessible to universities, researchers and hobbyists alike.

We love to hear about how you have implemented and are using your AeroQuad! Please share your story with us at the AeroQuad Forum!

How to Contact Us

For customer support for sales, please contact us at our AeroQuad customer support ticket system.

If you have technical support questions, please post them at the AeroQuad Forum for fastest service, or feel free to contact us at the above email address.