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AeroQuad Mini v1.0 Kit
AeroQuad Mini v1.0 Kit

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This kit includes the AeroQuad Mini Shield which uses the Arduino Pro Mini and the SparkFun 6DOF Sensor Board (uses the solid ITG3200 gyro and the ADXL345 accelerometer). It has a built in battery monitor, exposes the pinouts for a camera stabilization system (D12/D13) and exposes pinouts for analog devices such as IR or ultrasonic distance sensors (AI1-3). This shield also has a stackable design which will allow for future expansion (multiple processors, magnetometer/barometer, GPS or OSD). The shield is 63.5mm x 56mm and has a 45mm x 45mm hole spacing. future add-ons.  Assembly requires the use of a soldering iron.

What is still needed?

You will need one FTDI Basic board and a Mini-USB cable to program the Arduino Pro Mini. Consider using the Daedalus Power Harness to apply DC power to your shield, as the gauge of the wire fits with the DC connections on the Shield.

This is a very easy kit to assemble! You do not have to struggle with soldering small wires as is needed for Wii based sensors. Also, there are enough spare pins to connect to, to give you the freedom to experiment!

Assembly instructions can be found here. You can also get technical support at the AeroQuad forum here.