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AeroQuad Mini Shield v1.0
AeroQuad Mini Shield v1.4

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The AeroQuad Mini Shield v1.0 allows you to easily connect the Sparkfun 6DOF (which includes the trusty ITG3200 gyro and ADXL345 accel) to an Arduino Pro Mini to create a 6 degree of freedom inertial measurement unit (IMU). This version of the shield also includes a voltage divider circuit so that you can measure battery voltage during flight! The pinouts from the shield to the Arduino are directly compatible with the AeroQuad quadrocopter flight control software, and can also be easily adapted to any application where absolute angle position is required.

This is a great alternative to wiring the sensors and other connections by hand. It reduces the introduction of accidental errors, reduces the amount of wires for a cleaner build and ultimately saves you time getting your quadrocopter in the air! This is a very easy shield to assemble! Much easier than dealing with Wii based sensors which requires soldering small/loose wires.

This board has 45mm x 45mm hole spacing which is directly compatible with our Kinjal frame!

Assembly instructions can be found here. You can also get technical support at the AeroQuad forum here.

  • Future expandability! Is designed to allow stacking of shields! Look out for future expansion shields such as magnetometer, barometer and GPS!
  • Pads reserved for mounting the Sparkfun 6DOF sensor board (not included)
  • Gyro and accelerometer I2C based sensors have programmable low pass filters to remove sensor noise
  • Capability to run additional 3.3V or 5V I2C sensors by using a voltage level converter (included)
  • Four PWM outputs for motor control (header pins included)
  • Six servo style connector pads to accommodate a six channel receiver (header pins included)
  • The shield is designed for the Arduino Pro Mini
  • Common 45mm x 45mm mounting holes